Friday, February 29, 2008

Iraqi Man Comforts his Son (Iraq)

Award winning photo showing an Iraqi man comforting his son at a holding center for prisoners of war in An Najaf, Iraq, 31 March 2003. AP photographer Jean-Marc Bouju has won the 2003 World Press Photo of the Year competition. Jean-Marc won also the 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography and the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography.

With barbed-wire in the foreground, the picture shows a father who has been detained by the Army’s 101st Airborne division. The man wears a bag over his head, and he clutches his four year old son in his lap. The man was seized in An Najaf with his son and the U.S. military did not want to separate father and son.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Burial of an Unkown Child (India)

The Bhopal disaster was an industrial disaster that occurred in Bhopal, India, resulting in the death of about 3,000 people according to the Indian Supreme Court. However, testimonies from doctors who provided medical assistance during the tragedy claim over 15,000 were dead in the first month alone.

The incident took place in the early hours of the morning of 3 December 1984, in the heart of the city of Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. A Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant released 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, killing approximately 3,800 people. Bhopal is frequently cited as one of the world's worst industrial disasters.

This unknown child has become the icon of the world's worst industrial disaster, caused by the US multinational chemical company, Union Carbide.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Loch Ness Monster (Scotland)

Stories about a monster in Loch Ness have been around since 565, but only when this picture was taken and showed to the world in 1934, “Nessie” began to be the object of contradiction, research and truism.

The interest for the creature ended in 1994 when Christian Spurling, admitted it was a fake made by his father, Marmaduke Wetherell. They made a wooden monster, Ian took the picture and they convinced Robert Kenneth Wilson (the village doctor), to tell the world he shot the picture.

The last reported sighting occurred on 26 May 2007 by Gordon Holmes, a 55-year-old lab technician, who captured video of what he said was "this jet black thing, about 45 feet (14 m) long, moving fairly fast in the water."
Adrian Shine, a marine biologist at the Loch Ness 2000 center in Drumnadrochit, has watched the video and plans to analyze it. Shine also described the footage as among "the best footage [he has] ever seen". BBC Scotland broadcasted the video on 29 May 2007.

Source - wikipedia

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