Saturday, October 23, 2010

Famine in Karamoja, Uganda (Uganda)

This example of emotive imagery is of child in drought stricken Karamoja district, Uganda (1980) holding hands with a missionary. The stark contrast between the two people serves as a reminder of the gulf in wealth between developed and developing countries.
Karamoja district has the driest climate in Uganda and is often prone to droughts. The drought in 1980 led to one of the worst famines in that area. 21% of the population (60% being infants) died.
The photographer, Briton Mike Wells, took this picture to show the extent of starvation in Africa. His photograph spoke louder than world leader or news story about the famine in Uganda.
He took the photo for a magazine, they went 5 months without printing it, and they decided to enter it into a competition. However, Wells has stated that he was against winning any compeition with a picture of a starving boy.
He has admitted to being ashamed of taking the photo.
Mike Wells has won the World Press Photo Award for this photo.
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