Tuesday, November 11, 2008

V-J Day in Times Square (USA)

V–J day in Times Square, perhaps the most famous photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, is of an American sailor kissing a young woman on V-J Day in Times Square on 14 August 1945, that was originally published in Life magazine.

Because Eisenstaedt was photographing rapidly changing events during the V-J celebrations he didn't get a chance to get names and details. The photograph does not clearly show the faces of either kisser and several people have laid claim to being the subjects. The photo was shot just south of 45th Street looking north from a location where Broadway and Seventh Avenue converge. (Today, the spot where the kiss took place is on the small island separating Broadway and Seventh Avenue between the Toys R Us and MTV studios in Times Square.)

The nurse in the photo is Edith Shain and the sailor has been identified as Glenn McDuffie.
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