Friday, April 11, 2008

Muhammad al-Durrah (Palestine)

Muhammad Jamal al-Durrah (1988 - 2000), was a Palestinian boy who became an icon of the Second Intifada when he was filmed crouched behind his father during a violent clash between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in the Gaza Strip on 30 September 2000.
The two were sheltering during a crossfire between troops at an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) outpost and Palestinian police and gunmen shooting from a number of locations.
After a burst of gunfire, the two slumped into prone positions.
Al-Durrah was reported to have been killed and his father severely injured by Israeli gunfire.

The footage, which was filmed by Talal Abu Rahma for French television station France 2, was re-broadcast around the world and produced international outrage against the Israeli army and the government.
Images from the footage became an iconic symbol of the Palestinian cause and al-Durrah himself was portrayed as an emblem of martyrdom; the footage was shown repeatedly on Arabic television channels and al-Durrah was publicly commemorated in a number of Arab countries.

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