Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Jew of Vinnitsa (Ukraine)

Picture from an Einsatzgruppen D soldier’s personal album, labelled on the back as “Last Jew of Vinnitsa, it shows a member of Einsatzgruppe D is just about to shoot a Jewish man kneeling before a filled mass grave in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in September of 1941, the Jewish New Year. All 28,000 Jews from Vinnitsa and its surrounding areas were massacred at the time.
The Jewish population dated back to the 16th century and had made up 40 percent of the town's inhabitants.


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It is quite shocking that someone can actually take a picture like that (obviously soldiers are doing something atrocious)

andres said...

was the ss officer shooting the jew in the photo ever identified?

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To this day, I am so disgusted on how human beings could do this to other human beings.

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Wonderful and Funny! I am pretty much impressed with your good work. Thanks for writing it up!

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